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                长春电子科技学院董事长   王思迪
                Changchun, located in the north of China, is a place full of nature bestows. On this vigorous and hopeful land, Changchun College of Electronic Technology, a developing institution of higher education, is continuously writing our own legend. 
                Changchun College of Electronic Technology has been established for 20 years. 20-year is just a short moment during the progress of human history, but for a man who worked in this college, it was the two decades that filled with hard work, committed exploration and consistent growth. Through the difficulties and cultivation of 20 years, our college has owned more than 10,000 students and faculties. Here, I want to sincerely appreciate every friend, thank you for your attention to the development of our college. Our college has made a stable development thanks to your understanding and trust, caring and support. We will be fully up to the occasion to make the great innovation and active progress on the road of higher education. On the foundation of fostering virtue through education, we will take pleasure in making a contribution to the education cause of our country.
                As the saying goes:’ No accumulation of steps, can’t lead to thousand miles. No integration of streams, can’t result in seas and oceans.’ We will take the motto of our college” Virtue, Integrity, Curiosity and Innovation”. We will promote “ Optical and Electronic Spirit” with campus culture characteristics. We will keep our feet on the ground and work hard like a horse. We will insist on the intensive development to improve the educational quality and establish our own characteristics. We will take the time to nurture the applied talents that endowed with humanistic spirit, innovation spirit and hard work spirit. We will make every efforts to build our college into a high-level applied college with optical and electronic characteristics in modern industry. 
                President of Changchun College of Electronic Technology
                Sidi Wang